Health & Safety Audits: Your Excellence Journey

Embark on a journey to excellence with OHSE Resolved’s Health & Safety Audits. Our service is designed not just to identify compliance with health and safety regulations but to uncover opportunities for enhancing your operational safety culture. With our in-depth audits, you gain insights that go beyond ticking boxes, creating a safer, more efficient workplace. Our expert team is your partner in navigating the complexities of safety standards, delivering tailored recommendations that drive real-world safety improvements in your organization.

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Introduction to Excellence

Embark on a journey to excellence with OHSE Resolved’s Health & Safety Audits. Our service is adept at unveiling compliance and enhancing your safety culture.

Our Audit Process

Discover our structured approach that ensures a thorough and efficient audit:


Scope Determination

We’ll identify the specific health and safety regulations pertinent to your organization, ensuring our audit aligns perfectly with your operational needs.


Documentation Submission and Review

Choose between uploading your safety documents to our secure online portal or presenting them to our consultant during an on-site assessment for comprehensive review.


Detailed Compliance Analysis

Our experts will carefully assess your safety management system documentation against current health and safety legislation to pinpoint areas for enhancement.


On-Site Evaluation Planning

We’ll tailor the on-site evaluation plan to your needs, selecting key areas and procedures to inspect, informed by the scope determination.


Comprehensive On-Site Inspection

Our auditors conduct a rigorous on-site inspection, scrutinizing safety procedures, equipment, and overall workplace conditions.


Findings Report

We compile a detailed audit report, highlighting compliance achievements and outlining clear, actionable steps for areas needing improvement.


Results Communication

We’ll discuss the audit outcomes with you, clarifying the implications and prioritizing the actions needed to achieve compliance.


Corrective Action Follow-Up

Post-audit, and if required we stay engaged to monitor the implementation of our recommendations, ensuring your continuous compliance with health and safety standards.


Documentation Maintenance

We ensure all records of the audit process are meticulously documented, serving as a testament to your safety diligence.


Process Improvement

Our auditors conduct a rigorous on-site inspection, scrutinizing safety procedures, equipment, and overall workplace conditions.

Our Health & Safety Audits provide thorough compliance checks and actionable insights for lasting safety enhancements in your workplace. Partner with OHSE Resolved to ensure your business not only meets but exceeds health and safety standards, cultivating a culture of proactive excellence.

Take Action for a Safer Tomorrow

Harness the power of comprehensive health and safety audits with OHSE Resolved. Elevate your compliance, fortify your safety measures, and join a growing network of businesses committed to excellence. Don’t wait for change, be the change.

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Roslyn Thomson
Roslyn Thomson
In my extensive experience with OHAS consultants, I have seldom encountered a team as devoted to addressing all our Occupational Health and Safety requirements. Their unparalleled knowledge and professionalism set a commendable standard. I highly recommend them to individuals seeking comprehensive OHAS solutions.
Nastia Buckle
Nastia Buckle
Excellent service! Always willing to go the extra mile in understanding your business needs and tailor making training accordingly. Highly recommended for all your EHS needs.
Rozaan Strydom
Rozaan Strydom
OHSE Resolved is unparalleled – their excellence and expertise make them the only choice for handling health and safety matters.
Vincent Lesage
Vincent Lesage
I had an excellent experience with OHAS Resolved. Their professionalism and extensive knowledge in the field were truly impressive. From the moment I engaged their services, I felt confident that I was in capable hands. They navigated the complexities of Occupational Health and Safety with ease, providing valuable insights and solutions. I highly recommend OHAS Resolved for anyone seeking top-notch expertise in this area.
Yolande Savage
Yolande Savage
Brilliant at what they do. They have a great team that are very passionate and dedicated.